Say Hello to My Cooling Towel™
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Our Story

We love to create great quality products! We are really Excited about My Cooling Towel™

Having run a successful Global Marketing Company Identity for 15 years, founders Robert and Sylvia Kinsella ( Yes, a husband and wife team! ) launched My Cooling Towel™.


In 2015, after being diagnosed with Epilepsy, and not being able to drive anymore, I had to change my lifestyle, the doctors told me I had to keep fit and healthy to help avoid anymore episodes. One of the effects of Epilepsy after and episode is sweating. And getting really hot.

While investigating a new range of products I came across this Incredible Cooling Material. My Cooling Towel™ was born. 


With over 25 years in retail and customer service, raising our kids, and growing My Cooling Towel™, Sylvia has the ability to get things done. 

We live in a great town called Greystones in Ireland, Beside the sea and love getting involved in as many community activities as possible, it keeps us happy!