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Mac v PC and My Cooling Towel™

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In honour of Steve Jobs - A man that never excepted just alright, and alway strived for the best, We have created a video to explain the difference between a towel and a Cooling Towel.

Enjoy Here

Not wanting to steal the thunder of the Big Apple reveal yesterday of the iPhone X  (Its on my Christmas List) I want to give you a sneak preview of the new My Cooling Towel™.

So whats different?

  1. Its is 10% longer
  2. It has full washing instructions and care label.
  3. It has handy hang to hook onto equipment, 
  4. The hook can also be used to turn the towel into a Scarf.
  5. We will soon have 2 packaging options.
  6. there will be 10 colours in total. ( Including purple - A special request from my daughter )

Our retails are growing also. they are now available in the following stores and Gyms

Discount Supplements

Amphibian King

BPT Fitness

Go Gym

Nika Fit

Crossfit Bray

One Escape

Trinity Sport

We will be revamping our website and also shooting some great new images.

watch this Space 

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